Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 4 & 5

Day 4
I got up early and fed the horses. While they ate, I got to take the owners truck into town to grab breakfast for myself and the others. Definitely putting a truck like that on my wish list! It was a 2009 Silverado. A girl can wish, can't she??:) Then I worked Pepper and Dusty down. Pepper had ticks in her ears the day before, so her ears were very sensitive and she was throwing her head a lot. Dusty did really good, and I rode him during the clinic that Charles was putting on. He did pretty good!:) Then during the actual sorting part of the clinic, since Dusty had never been with cows, I rode an older gelding of the owners. He was really sweet and fun!:)

Day 5
I got to sleep in till 7:30 this morning, felt amazing!!:) got up, fed the horses, then worked Pepper while Charles rode Dusty. My parents got to the arena around 10:30 and I showed them how Dusty was doing and got a video. Sorting started at 11 and I rode in 5 times, didn't end till 5!! It was really fun, we had a few blowouts but I felt myself getting better each time! I rose a bay roan named Levi who was a blast, but when me and the owner were paired up, I rode Pepper and we did really good, but the one cow that was giving every team hell broke trough!:/
Sorting is definitely for somebody will a big pocket book. $220!! Holy smokes!!!

I'm on the road back now, so hopefully I will be able to upload pictures soon!:)

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  1. Sounds like you are having an amazing time!